Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

The last Thursday of every month, the Dallas branch of my company hosts a happy hour with drinks and snacks. And by drinks, yes, I mean alcohol. So today, I was truly a margarita runner!

But before Thirsty Thursday officially began today, I partook in my own version of Thirsty Tuesday with a large Diet Coke from Sonic. I love Sonic. And I love Diet Coke. So put those two together and you have a pretty happy Kristen. I go to Sonic almost every day, so why would today be any different? Especially since it was Thirsty Thursday!

Jumping ahead to Thirsty Thursday, we had margaritas, wine, beer, Chick-Fil-A nuggets, cheese and crackers, and a veggie platter. I darted straight for the margaritas. I don’t play when it comes to my margs. Here are my two favorite drinks:

After work, I went to work out with a friend, but the weather was cold, so the workout didn’t last very long. So I came home and ate cereal directly from the canister as my dinner. I felt like a college-aged boy, but you can’t go wrong with Apple Jacks as dinner.

May your Thursdays always be thirsty!

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