Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mission: Run 13 Miles (Success!)

Well i did it. I ran 13 miles on Monday night (i know, i know, this blog is a few days late). I was tempted to stop so many times, but kept trucking on. There was no way i was going to fail at this mission twice in one week!

By the way, sorry this post is boring, i haven't been great at taking pictures lately!

I'm debating how I should do my workouts for the rest of the week. Tonight is Thursday, and I'm eating a lunch date with The Hubbs tomorrow afternoon, so I have time for a Friday night workout. Then the Aggies play at 11am Saturday morning, so i'm contemplating what kind of workout I'll do tomorrow night and what I'll do Saturday morning. 

Maybe I'll run tomorrow night since I'll have more time, and do more of a cross-training workout on Saturday morning.

Or maybe i'll do a cross training workout tomorrow and do a running workout on Saturday morning.

I actually just hope I workout both days.

Stay tuned :)

I'm exhausted, so i'm signing off. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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