Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby Must-Haves: My Favorite Accessories from Birth to 2 Months

Registering for baby gifts was a shot in the dark. Sure, some of the unsolicited parenting advice includes everything you "need," but then other parents say the same product didn't work for them. I remember feeling overwhelmed and inundated with accessories upon accessories. I didn't know which ones were necessary and which were not. But these items below are more for the parents than for the babies, so they're a safe purchase without the risk that the baby may not like them.

#1 NoseFrida
Okay, I'm getting the yucky item out of the way first. No kid like having snot removed from their nose, but the Nose Frida is far better than the old bulb that you get from the hospital! It looks gross, but there's a filter in place so that you'll never taste what you're removing.

Have I lost you yet?

No? Good.

#2 A Boppy (or similar pillow)
I loved the Boppy for myself and I'm so thankful we bought one. I love it because it's a pillow that never loses shape or deflates! It's perfect for supporting the baby while breastfeeding. It's also good for folding under my arm for support as my arm gets heavy from snuggling the baby for so long, if you're like me and sleep in a rocking chair with your new baby for the first few weeks? You can turn the Boppy upside down (to a u-shape) to support the baby's head and your head.

#3 Car seat cover
I fell in love with our car seat cover the first time we took the baby to the doctor. I felt like he was sheltered from the germs much more than he would have been without the cover. It's also really nice when grocery shopping because for some reason, women don't seem to realize there's a baby in the car seat when the baby is covered! So we don't get many admirers trying to kiss our baby's hands or touch his face. It's also really helpful when we go on walks on sunny or windy days!

#4 Swing
Matthew loves his swing, and I do too. Matthew loves the comfort of the movement to and the entertainment of the songs and monkeys swinging above his head. I like that it's a great babysitter when I'm working on something. In the early days, there were a few nights that he spent in the swing and I spent on the couch because that was the only way either of us could sleep.

#5 Diaper Genie (or any other diaper disposal container)
I'm in love with my Diaper Genie. We have it right next to the changing table so we can dispose of dirty diapers quickly. I have yet to smell a diaper from the Genie. It truly does seal off the smell to keep from sneaking into the room. Plus we went the extra mile and added a small stick-on baking soda to the inside of the Genie to keep the smell from the inside as well. The refillable bags are really easy to handle once you get the hang of it!

Note: I linked the specific models we have for each item, but I'm sure similar items would work just as well! This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I don't have kids yet, but I know from that church nursery that those Diaper Genies come in handy!