Friday, December 7, 2012

The Answer

I left.

I didn’t stay for the free food, games, or the free alcohol. I’m sure you think I’m talking crazy, but after being at work all day, I didn’t want to STAY at work just for alcohol and yummy food.

The bartender did, in fact, show up promptly at 4:30, but when 5:00 rolled around and the party planners weren’t anywhere near ready to start the party, I decided I would rather go home.

Last night’s workout consisted of a run and some of my favorite exercises I had my fitness class to the night before. I have no idea how long of a run i had. Normally I either time myself, or drive the distance to see how far I went, but last night, I didn’t do either. I just ran. I ran for the first time since having pneumonia, which was actually nice. All this time I’ve been complaining about Dallas being hot in December and I actually enjoyed the weather last night!

I know I ran over a mile, which is the first time in several weeks since I’ve been walking 2 minutes between every mile I run, so I don’t hurt myself or my lungs when trying to get back into the running game. So that was exciting!

My dinner consisted of leftover broccoli rice casserole and peanuts. This is what I learned from my dinner:
   A) I need to plan my dinners better because I’m actually embarrassed I just confessed to that pathetic meal.
   B) I need to start taking pictures of my food (like good little bloggers do) to make my blog more interesting.

What was your workout yesterday?
What did you eat for dinner last night?
Would you/have you stayed past 5 for a company party?

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