Thursday, December 6, 2012

"The bartender will be here at 4:30"

Today is my office’s Christmas party. And these people know how to party. 

We channeled our inner Griswold family Christmas. Please note Cousin Eddie’s trailer in the back.

I was contemplating staying for the party (who doesn’t love watching while others participate in a white elephant gift exchange, or making awkward conversations with people you hardly know?) but then I heard these beautiful words…

“The bartender will be here at 4:30.”

I know, I heard the heavenly angels sing too.

Then I found myself in a tough position. Do I stay for the free alcohol, or do I channel my healthy side, hit the gym and steer clear of the free booze, finger foods and homemade desserts?

So what do you think I did?
What would you have done?
What's your favorite part or quote from "Christmas Vacation"?

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