Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Secret Life of Lies

I was super lucky to read my friend Jennifer's new book called "The Secret Life of Lies!"

Once I started reading I really struggled to put it down! And when I did put it down to function like a normal human, I found myself wondering if Ava was safe.

Ava wakes up in a hospital bed one morning with a gunshot wound and a backstory to tell. Although she thought she married the perfect man, her life spiraled out of control when she found out who he really was. This book is a roller coaster of unexpected twists wrapped inside a very relatable character.

Jennifer did a fantastic job writing this book! She writes Ava as the narrator recalling the order of past events, but mixes in short interruptions of other events happening at the same time, or in the future, to let the reader see what’s coming ahead.

I was sad when this book was over. Was it because of the ending or because I wanted to continue following Ava's story? Enter the giveaway below and win a copy for yourself to find out! But hurry! The giveaway will end Sunday night, and I'll announce the winner on Monday!!

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If you don't win, or don't want to enter the giveaway, you can click here to purchase the book in all electronic formats and in paperback!

Good luck!!


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  1. umm pick me! This sounds right up my alley ;)
    I just finished reading Unbroken (AMAZING) so I am needing a new one to start

    1. I LOVED the movie Unbroken, so I can't imagine how amazing the book must be!

  2. It sounds gripping! I gravitate to Russian classic authors or non-fiction, but a good fiction story also grabs me now and again.

    1. Wow! Russian authors! That's sounds awesome! Do Russian authors have a different writing style than American authors? I've never thought of that! Have a great Saturday!

  3. This sounds great!
    I actually really loved the book I just finished: "Tell Me You're Sorry" by Kevin O'Brien!

    1. Hey girl! "Tell Me You're Sorry" sounds intense! I read the synopsis and I may have to go read it now! Have a great day! XO!